Araki Villas: simply unique !

- Because it's only you at Araki Villas who has  2 private of the most beautiful  coves of the island in less than 100 meters from your doorstep


- Because yours is the only villa overlooking more than 1,000  acres of a totally  unspoiled  land


- Because no other Villa has a view of the sea and of the island of Kasos as your


- Because  in no other Villa in Karpathos you can enjoy this sunset over the sea    sitting on your porch or on your couch in the living room 

What does it differ the purchase of Araki Villas fomr any other offering ?

 Our ideas, your dream. . Since we designed the Araki Villas we wanted them with all our strength. We made even without knowing you, but We strongly believed that one day realizing our ideas, they would become your dream.

 Araki Villas, Why? We selected and surveyed the land, changed the structure and the shapes of the villas, having in mind the result to be achieved. We envisioned the VIllas som much to decide to bear all the financial plan, leaving to you just the decision about which house to choose.

 It is not just another Villa on the paper. With buying one of the Araki VIllas you will not buy a plan on a paper neither in return of  your investment you will receive drawings or measures! You become the owner of your villa from day 1 you decide to buy and you turn the key into your new dream Villa. You will not face the hard times to organize and construct your own villa. You will avoid all the risk of delays and of the construction costs' increase . You will not live the nightmare of  an unfulfilled dream or of an investment without an end or an exit. You will simply avoid that stress, those difficulties and those delays that any less smart than you foreign investor had to encounter in  the past years having decided to build his own villa in Greece.

 Choose freely. By signing the purchase agreement today to become owner of your villa. You can proceed with the purchase without fear: the villa there are no constraints and no commitments to third parties.

You have postponed many times the purchase of a villa in Karpathos? Now is the only right time ! so .... be smart!

1) Download on your computer, print and keep with you the free guides that we have  prepared for you further down this page


2)  Before you leave for your vacation to Karpathos this summer, prepare your documents  listed in these guides and


3)  bring with you all the required documentationfrom your home !


Effect now  these above listed simple advices and you will have a tremendous advantage over all the other investors. Why? Simple! driving all around the island you may come across an excellent opportunity to purchase and without documents you may lose the opportunity of your life and be preceded by someone quicker than you! 

What you should know to buy a villa in Karpathos

On this page we have available 4 Reports.

They contain some very useful information to understand the steps needed to buy the house of your dreams in Karpathos.(The methods are almost similar throughout the continental Greece and the islands)Read them carefully you can also get answers to some of the doubts and questions that surely you shall put in the course of your investment.To download them you have only to click on the icons and you'll have them delivered directly to your PC.You can read them whenever you want. To facilitate the letura have been created for you in PDF, a format that is certainly your PC is able to read.Once you read further questions? No problem!You have only to pick up the phone and call us or send us an email. You can use the form at the bottom of this page. Our references can also be found - clicking this link - the last page of the site: Contact. We will be happy to give you the help that you require! In the meantime: enjoy!

Want to buy homes in Karpathos? Here is the Practical Guides for you!

Buying an house in Greece - Introduction

In this tutorial, we introduce you to the real estate market conditions in Greece and the related discipline. you can download with a simple click on the icon below. Happy reading!

What you need to know to buy a house in Greece

You want to know very briefly what you need to know to buy a home.Read this brief guide.


Buying an house in Karpathos - Frequently Asked Questions

If you read the first two reports you will surely arose doubts. Do not worry, you're not the first to have, indeed. If we wrote this document contains frequently asked questions, it is probably because your questions are the same as other Italians have set before you, when you are determined to buy a villa in Karpathos or in kind in Greece.

Happy reading!

The buying process - here it is explained in 4 steps

In this paper we summarize the 4-step buying process. This mode requires a large time between 4 and 8 weeks to complete since its inception. In addition we give you useful information on how to prepare the funds necessary for the purchase of your villa.

Happy reading!

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