Here are the Villas of Araki :

Araki Villas: the Villas of your dreams

We made these villas, unique in their style, on the coast of the western tip of Karpathos island, in a wild and unspoiled area, rich of  creeks where rocks of all colors are alternated with strips of sand and crystalline waters. The Villas, mastering a vast meadow overlooking the island of Kasos, have been converted to the Italian flavor to better enjoy the beauty of the sea and the uniqueness of the position.

Why Araki villas are a unique and unrepeatable opportunity for you ?

  1. Ready. The two villas have been already completed in the spring and ready to be entered from June 1st 2012. They are ready to be enjoyed this summer, since the day you enter them  with your keys!
  2. They are as you like. These villas are built in accordance with the style, the tradition and the context of this land and intentionally shaped to give you the comforts and the flavor of a new owner like you.  
  3. The sea. They are at less than 80 meters from the shore and between you and the sea there is only one extraordinary and unique view .
  4. Not replicable. Iin any other spot in the mediterranean you would not be able to find a more recently built villa close to the seaside and beach all for yourself and your family at this incredible price .
  5. Seize the momentum! Compare Villas Araki - for example - with a villa of an equivalent size, location and beauty of the location, in Sardinia. Today you would pay no less than five times the value of the Villas of Araki 
  6. Unique. These villas are unique in type and location. Why? In few months it will not be no longer possible to build in Greece (peninsula and islands) villas so near to the sea: In fact it is very near the launch of a highly restrictive discipline  about the distance from the sea of new buildings for  private residential 
  7. Hi revaluation investment .If you buy today you ensure to your investment a high appreciation compared to any other villa with simple a sea view, but not mastering a "private" beach  
  8. In the cradle of western european civilization. The Araki villas are constructed in Karpathos, Greece, a beautiful land,  strongly bound to the Roman civilization 
  9. Close to your home. THey are on a unique island, that has not been spoiled by the mass tourism, and reachablein less than 3 hours by plane from any European city.
  10. In the Nature and close to the future. They are at 10 minutes drive (and no more than 5 km)  from one of the largest  and functional airports in Greece, reacheable by tourist charter flights from all over Europe.

Here are the Araki Villas

The Villas of Araki are  just over 100 meters from two beautiful and "exclusive" sandy bays. At 40 meters above sea level, the Villas of Araki are served by a dirt road of about 400 meters and master a plot of a bit less than an hectare and dominate agreen and pristine area of 180,000 sq m.

Land of Araki

The Land of Araki unfold on a large area - a triangular shape of approximately 4 square kilometers - which extends from the bay of Agios Theodoros to the beach of Agrilaopotamos. It's a pristine area,  rich of Mediterranean vegetation, rocks of  different colors and texture and beautiful coves and bays almost unknown. It is impossible to describe the beauty of the place as Images can do much better. A single image can in fact tell much more than a thousand words.

Beach of Araki I

Beach of Araki II